The company on the 21st June 2021 been taken over and any warranties after this date are subject to these terms) to (Ultimate 2020 Group LTD will cease to cover any warranties of AD2000 windows LTD as of the 1st January 2024 and will be subject to claim on the CPA warranty)

Change of Terms:

The frames (PVC) for a period of 10 years, their double glazed sealed units for a period of 5 years from installation, handles for a period of 2 years, and 1 year locks and hardware and 1 year on wear and tear i.e.. Any high level use areas and external fittings.

Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd: Terms and conditions


  • Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd t/a Trade Glaze shall be called the “company”.
  • Written notice where required shall be given by prepaid recorded delivery to the company’s head office or to any of the company’s branches where a written acknowledgement should be
  • In this agreement ‘premises’ shall mean the installation



These conditions are incorporated into and form part of the contract between the company and the customer named overleaf (“The customer”): All previous representations whether oral or in writing and all terms agreed orally or in correspondence and all implications arising from conduct or the previous course of dealing (if there by any such) are hereby cancelled and excluded save to the extent that the same may appear on the face of the contracts or in these conditions.


  • Sample units carried by the company’s representatives are intended to demonstrate the construction of a typical window and the materials to be The windows to fulfil this order will be manufactured in the same way Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd considers most suitable, after inspection and measuring by its representative. Descriptions and illustrations of goods in our publicity materials are approximate for general guidance only: neither they nor any representations made by our employees or agents form part of a contract between you and ourselves.

This does not affect your statutory rights

  • The type of individual panes of double glazing, and their arrangement shall be in the absence of any special arrangement detailed in the contract be determined by the Glass used by the company in the goods shall be of thickness and weight determined by the companies’ technical surveyors. The company excludes liability for optical defects attributable to natural phenomena.
  • Only glass to the highest standard will be used in the company’s goods but not guaranteed against minor imperfections
  • The customer shall grant to the company’s Technical Surveyor access to the property at reasonable times for the purpose of taking measurements and the viability of completing the contract is at the technical surveyors discretion.
  • The company’s surveyor will survey all contracts before work is put in hand at the company factory. The details of the order as entered by the company’s sales representative may be varied on survey. The surveyor will ask the customer to sign the survey sheet as a correct record of work to be carried out. It may be necessary on survey to reprice a particular contract, but in the event of such price increase the customer will be given the right not to proceed.
  • Whilst the company and the surveyor will take every care in assessing all work necessary in connection with the insulation of the units, the subject of this contract the company accepts no responsibility of the customer to ensure that, in particular, all lintels, cavities and brick or stonework are capable of taking the units ordered. Should any work be necessary in this connection it will be charged accordingly and be payable in the accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  • The technical surveyor will have the absolute discretion as to whether the installation is viable and if in his opinion the work cannot be concluded to an acceptable standard for whatever reason, then the company reserves the right to cancel the agreement.
  • Liability:
  • The company shall not be liable for any condensation on any of the goods nor does the company warrant that the installation of the goods will eliminate or reduce any condensation existing on the premises.
  • The company shall not be liable for any damage to the goods or the premises in any way or at any time caused by the act or default of the customer, his family agents, servants, workmen or licenses any fact beyond the company’s control.
  • The customer should carefully check the order form and report to the company any errors or discrepancies within 5 days of signing the order. No amendments will be permitted after 7 days of the signed contract.
  • Time:
  • Time is hereby declared not to be of the essence of this contract but the company undertakes to commence work as soon as possible and to use its best endeavors to complete the installation of the goods as quickly as possible.
  • The customer will allow access to the company’s workmen and agents at all reasonable times to enable to installation of the goods to be completed and the company shall not be liable for any loss due to the negligence of the customer, his family agents, servants, workmen or licensees, inclement weather, or failure by the company’s suppliers to provide the necessary goods. In any such event, the delivery period shall be extended by such time as Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd may reasonably require. If at that date specified for delivery, the purchaser delays the acceptance of the contract goods for reasons outside Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd control, the goods will be stored by Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd but the purchaser shall pay Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd any amount equivalent to what the purchaser would be liable to pay for the goods if in fact they had been delivered. In addition, the purchaser will be liable to pay reasonable storage for the period of delay, plus the cost of any additional handling and transport Alternatively Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd may give 14 days notice in writing, cancelling the estimate or any balance of the remaining site works unfulfilled on the date of expire of such notice, when Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd shall be installed to recover from the purchaser, as damages, any loss, expense or other damage suffered by Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd as a result of such cancellation. Unless expressly stated Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd estimate is based on current costs at the date of the estimate and subject to confirmation upon receipt of the order Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd prices are subject to adjustment to cover any variation in prices of materials, wage rates or other costs which may be incurred after the date of the original estimate and before completion of the work, unless Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd has clearly stated on the order that the estimate is fixed for the duration of the site works.
  • The company will endeavor to ensure that the works match existing finishes but will not be liable for non matching due to weathering of existing materials and cannot guarantee the matching of external specialist finishes such as pebble dashing, tyrolean or similar material. When variation occur in existing plaster lines, the company cannot guarantee that equal amounts of subframe will be visible all round.
  • The company will make good any damage caused in the course of installation of plaster, floor, rendering, brickwork or pointing immediately surrounding any window or door installed. This does not restrict the customers rights for the company’s negligence or lack of care
  • The company cannot undertake to remove intact any existing glass, frames or secondary double glazed units without causing damage
  • All materials removed during the course of installation will be cleared from site and cannot be retrieved thereafter. If any materials are required to be retained, this must be clearly stated on the contract.

(a)No Redecoration to the premises nor painting of plaster or rendering work is included in the contract nor shall the company be responsible for any alterations to pelmets or blinds due to the installation of goods.

(b) The company in its policy of continuous improvement reserves the right to modify the product by reasonable variation of design and/or specification without prior notice.

(c) Manufacturing doors, vent widths, sizes of construction, types of joints and drainage will be to Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd normal tolerances and way of practice.

(d) Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd accepts no liability for any personal injury, damage to property or consequential loss caused by defective carrying out of installation work otherwise than in circumstances of lack of reasonable care on our part. Any damage to the door/sealed unit windows caused by a customer or third party will immediately result in the guarantee being held in abeyance until suitable repairs have been carried out by Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd for which a relevant charge will be made. Following this work the guarantee will again stand.

(e) It is a condition of this contract that both Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd and the customer undertakes without charge to Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd to comply with the statue order in Council Decree, Regulations, Byelaw or other requirements for the time being in force of any government department, Municipality or other competent Authority. If owing to the purchasers failure to comply with any of the aforementioned Departments conditions Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd are put to any loss or expense by the purchaser, the purchaser will be responsible to reimburse Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd for the full amount therefore.

(f) It will be the purchasers responsibility to ensure that adequate protection is provided to all areas of the site to avoid damage which may be caused by the execution of the works. No liability by Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd will be accepted for unprotected carpets, wall coverings, household goods, wall decorations or any such items which could reasonably have been removed or protected by the purchaser before the commencement of the works. If under investigation that is it the negligence and lack of care which has caused the damage then the rights for the customer will not be restricted.

(g) The purchasers agree to provide free of charge to Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd lighting and the use of power or telephone for work related use of the job in hand.



(a) The company  has quoted its price to you on the footing that you will pay it in full when the job is substantially completed. i.e. When windows have been delivered on site and fixed in position. Accordingly the company rely on you to pay the whole balance of the price when given notice substantial notice by way of an invoice. Any sum outstanding following satisfactory completion will be subject to interest, which shall run from the date of the invoice to the date of the actual payment at the rate of 3% above bank base rate for the time being fixed by the bank of England.

(b) The customer will except delivery or provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed, as soon as advised that the units are ready. If within 28 days of such advice  an appointment has not been made the a reasonable balance of the purchase price is then due and payable.

(c) The company’s personnel are authorised to accept cash, cheque or home improvement loan documents in favor of Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd or its publishing trading styles if there is some  minor defect in the work the company expect you to rely on its insurances  that it will be rectified  in accordance with the terms of its guarantee. Your failure to pay the balance  at satisfactory completion would be breach of this agreement.



The company undertakes to guarantee their frames for a period of 10 years, their double glazed sealed units for a period of 5 years and 1 year locking systems, handles and hardware for a period of 1 year. 1 Year on wear and tear ie any high level use areas and external fittings



The property in and title to the goods shall not pass from the company to the purchaser until full payment has been made. Any guarantee will be issued in the property address and will stay with the property in such cases as the owners moving.


  • Where the customer has undertaken to obtain his/her own finance from bank, finance company, building society or other source, the customer is reminded that failure to obtain finance does not give the customer right to cancel his contract.
  • Any deposit paid by the customer to the company will recover its reasonable losses to the company if the customer cancels the contract without good cause and as such be in breach of the contract. The customer is reminded that cheques may not be stopped by he customer once drawn.
  • The customer has the right to cancel their agreement by sending recorded delivery or taking written notice of cancellation to the company head office within 14 days of the date hereof, but where applicable the consumer protection contracts concluded away from business premises act shall apply.


  • In the interest of efficiently dealing with any query, written notice of any enquiry should be sent to the address below by recorded delivery.
  • The customer hereby agrees to afford the company a reasonable opportunity or remedying any complaints for which the company are liable.
  • If any complaint is not remedied by the company to the customers reasonable satisfaction the company will request and independent surveyor to attend and arbitration will be carried out in accordance with their recommendations


  • LAW:

Nothing in these terms affects the customers satisfactory right



Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd agrees to carry the necessary insurance policy to cover for any damage caused by Ultimate 2020 Group Ltd in the course of the installation of the contract, providing notice is given of any damage by the purchaser within 7 days of completion of the work

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