Small wonder casement windows are enduringly popular – they have a timeless appeal that adds classic style to your home’s exterior, as well as helping retain interior warmth and maximizing security and safety.

Wherever your home is located, light should be one of your most prized assets, and slim frames allow the sunshine to flood in, creating an airy interior and helping you make the most of your view. In fact, even when the British weather is against you, slim PVC-U windows create a feeling of warmth & security.

Our expertise allows them to deliver more choice, reassuringly high quality and genuine value for money.

When you’re seeking casement windows, we can offer…

  • A variety of opening methods and combinations including top-hung and side-hung models.
  • Decorative styling to suit your home’s character – sleek, clean-cut lines or a more ornate finish.
  • Multi-chambered frame cross-sections prevent cold air from entering, while keeping warm air inside.
  • Superb security, with highly innovative built-in locking technology and internal beads.
  • Efficient ventilation that allows air to circulate constantly around your home.
  • Individually produced windows, meaning the size and colour will fit your home perfectly, delivering a truly individual solution.
  • Unparalleled ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Your home – your frame

Choose up-to-the-minute chamfered frames which offer a contemporary, straight-edged style or ovolo sculptured beading for a touch of traditional embellishment. Each is available in a range of styles and colours, allowing you the flexibility to create your own unique look. You can also alternate between chamfered and ovolo styles to create a perfectly individualized style.

Framed in style


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