The Newly unveiled Timeless FlushSash window is reminiscent of the early 19th Century timber windows and is ideal for heritage homes, particularly in conservation areas where authentic looks are important.

However traditional this window may look. It offers deceptively modern performance. Your home will be a haven of warmth and quiet, thanks to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the Timeless FlushSash. it has five chamber internal construction for increased energy efficiency.

With Timeless FlushSash you will no longer need to worry about the draughts and damp that are traditionally associated with period properties. Perfect for heritage applications, your home could be a warm and quiet haven if you choose to replace your old weather-worn windows with the elegant, energy-efficient Timeless FlushSash.

The Five Chamber PVC-U frames of the Timeless FlushSash, with double or triple glazing, will ensure your home is extremely weatherproof and draughtproof, providing an oustanding thermal barrier against driving winds and rain, even in the most exposed locations.

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